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When a tree is felled the stump is left alive. Soon it will shoot new sprouts and within a few years after harvesting, there will be new growth on and around the stump. This growth increases quickly and, if no action is taken, within a short time there will be several trees where previously there was just one. ECO-Plugs are

95-100% efficacy on treated stumps, preventing regrowth, 100% selective with no effect on surrounding trees or vegetation. Effective on a wide range of tree species, Reduces the risks of operator contact with chemical, No risk of damage to surrounding trees and vegetation,  Reduces the risk of chemical wash off or spillage, No risk of over dosing, Supports the requirements of the Water Framework Directive to prevent contamination of waterways with pesticides

ECO-Plugs MAX are a unique product that is designed to provide a safe alternative to painting cut stumps with a liquid solution. or stump grinding Call VALE today for a quote.

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